Brew your own tasty giter8!

Disclaimer: the following requires Mac OS X and Homebrew

Update: As of today, giter8 0.2.0 is available in the Homebrew repository. All you need to do is hit “brew install giter8”.

Now that you’re set, take a look at the available giter8 templates.


This is not needed anymore, but I’ll still keep it here for historical reasons:
In case installing giter8 by hand seems too much of a hassle to you, here’s a one liner that will pull this gist into your homebrew installation and start cooking that tasty giter8.

Quickly get started with Scala, SBT and Android…

… and here is how you do that with my android-sbt-project template.

Install giter8 according to the README file.

Now leave that shell of yours open:

You will get asked about your app’s name, package and platform (Android SDK version).

You might want to use a different name for the directory (unless it really is the bestappever of course).

Kudos to 

RSS Feed URL Update

I changed the feedburner RSS feed url to a more suitable one. (This one will last, promise).

To the few readers that are subscribed to this blog, please update the link in your RSS readers and I apologize for this inconvenience.

Announcement: Update for HeuteMittag for Android

I just released a minor update for “HeuteMittag for Android”.

The sole noticeable change is only, well, noticeable for users with a German system locale: "HeuteMittag for Android" is fully translated into German from now.

Some rather minor changes also happened to the backend, but that shouldn’t really affect anybody.

You can install “HeuteMittag for Android” by scanning/clicking/touching this QR-Code:

Keep lunching!

Announcement: HeuteMittag for Android

Last night, I published my first Android application to the Android Market: HeuteMittag for Android

A post about the technical background of this app is planned for the next couple of days. For the impatient, there’s sweet Scala inside.

The purpose of the application? It fetches today’s lunch options of restaurants in and around Hagenberg, Upper Austria and presents it to you in a smartphone friendly way.

Once downloaded, the data is cached on the phone - for obvious reasons. If you feel that more data might have become available since your last update (because you updated in the morning and there’s only 1 restaurant entry yet), just hit the menu button on your phone, push the Reload button and watch that beautiful progress wheel spin.

Disclaimer: The copyright of the content is held by The content of is provided free of charge.

That’s it for now. If you like the app, a comment and/or rating in the Android Market is very much appreciated. Actually, any kind of constructive feedback is (you know the deal).

One more thing: Unless you plan on having lunch in that area, I’m afraid this app is of no value to you.

Obligatory QR-Code (scan/click/touch it) and screenshots: